Due to the current COVID-19 situation going on the Approximate Processing Time: 2 - 3 weeks (not including weekends)

Turnaround Time

Due to the current situation going on in the US my turnaround time is

*Approximately 2 - 3 weeks (not including weekends) for processing and shipping

All my items are handmade and made to order. 

I understand that this maybe a long turnaround time, but please keep in mind that I'm a one woman shop. I run this business by myself with a full-time daytime job and children.

 If you do decide to place your order I truly appreciate your patience and your business. ​

 (*Time frames may be Higher at times due to holidays, special sales with a high volume of orders being placed. 

Please allow 14 business days(Tues-Fri) before inquiring with an update of your order status.