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Purple Mermaid Cash Envelopes (set of 10)

Purple Mermaid Cash Envelopes (set of 10)

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Purple Mermaid Laminated Cash Envelopes (set of 10)

I handmade these cash envelopes to be used for the cash envelope budget system inspired by Dave Ramsey.

This is a set of 10 patterned cash envelopes. Easy to use with your budget system. These cash envelopes are used for keeping track of budgeted amounts of money by category.

You will receive this set feature with your choice of category labels. Examples could be gas, groceries, car payments, travel , tolls and etc etc.

The envelopes has a horizontal slit to ensure easy access.  They are laminated to prevent wear and tear.

Measures: 3x7 inches

Material: patterned paper, laminate sheet

Choose: Labels or No Labels

*if you choose labels, please email me and specify what you want on the 10 labels and if you want me to add them on or just include them separately for you to put on.

Each set may vary in pattern slightly depending on where they were cut from that piece of paper. Message for any questions.
The envelopes are made by hand, with nothing but Love. They are not perfect, but are made to the best of my ability. I cut, fold, laminate, and round the corners on each one by hand. Therefore, there may be imperfections as I am only human.

**Money not included**